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What people say in California because they're angry about all the tourists and people who move in and steal all their water.
Tourist: Hella Cali Vibes Smoke Weed Everyday San Fran Venice Beach Surfing The OC I love Cali!!!!
Californian: You sound like an idiot. We grew here, you flew here.
by KevinSpaceyCrusher August 02, 2017

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That city in California that welcomes that thier name is a drug, so they have signs like 'Welcome to the wonderful world of weed', or post cards that read: In weed, having so much fun!. Or, you know the hospital of weed.
Hey look, its weed! Man I looooove that city!
by Lynn O'Lynette February 12, 2017

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When California sinks into the ocean.
In the movie "2012" there is an instance of Calidown
by RealComicalDude December 02, 2016

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