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When Trump or one of his supporters gets his feelings hurt, is offended, or gets all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid, or not even mean-spirited -- and goes to Twitter to complain about it. syn. butthurt.
President Elect Trump got all trumphurt when the Hamilton cast asked the VP to represent all Americans, after the show. Sad!
by theunrealdonald November 19, 2016

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Person who will join a "Tasteless Jokes" page just to lurk, whinge their butthurt and report to the host's Admins so "offending" posts will be removed -- and possibly have the entire page banned. If they succeed, then they fap themselves silly...with tweezers.
"Oh, you think it's so funny posting a meme of a developmentally disabled child saying her fave animal is a carrot. You people make me sick!"

"Look, MoralFag, don't join 'OMG I'm Going to hell for Laughing at That' just to get butthurt. Get yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch the cute baby animals show or something. And piss off!"
by walford July 19, 2018

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getting your feelings hurt over food
this shai gourmet is butthurty
by Ibrahim zainal March 19, 2017

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Pinching the side of someone's neck while saying Diggy Diggy
Guy 1: Diggy Diggy!
Guy 2: Ow!
Guy 1: Did you get ButtHurt because I Diggy Diggied You?
Guy 2: Yes.
by DoubleDavidTrouble October 10, 2018

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When you are so butthurt your only defense is to say someone else is butthurt.
You're already butthurt enough, don't make it worse by gettin all laddsad.
by JourneyFA April 21, 2017

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Any word used by an uptight butthurt person too try to invalidate a neologism they don't like.
That's a guxolikop argument.

Oh, "guxolikop" isn't a word? Welcome to English, a living, breathing language.
by LumpyG May 11, 2018

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The state of being petty beyond description. Usually the most powerful form of the verb of the latter word.
Yo that dude is being so fuckin' ferny right now; nigga take a joke
by TheBootyPope July 02, 2017

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