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A hairy pussy, usually one that is thick and matted over like those heavy holiday sweaters with tangled pubes like they’ve been woven by Amish elves. Yeah, imagine trying to fuck that!
Dolph: Damn, bro. I just had my hand down Frita's pants!

Gregor: Score, dude!

Dolph: Not so fast, Holmes. I couldn't even get my fingers in her pussy.

Gregor: Seriously? Was she fightin' it?

Dolph: Naw, man. Her hair down there was impenetrable.

Gregor: Whoa.

Dolph: Yeah, bud. It was like she had a va-jay-jay sweater
by theinstigator October 18, 2016

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When someone has a bush that reminds you of th Alaskan wilderness
Bro joe is rocking the classic style
by 555554466 August 31, 2016

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Koofa means a person with a lot of pubic hairs that looks like a bush
Damn look at that koofa it's so hairy

Look at that's guys hair it looks like a koofa
by Bgs.01 April 14, 2018

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Used as a way to tell someone that they are stupid. Can also be said as "Come from Bush."

context: When a reporter asked a resident of a third world country about how it is like to live there, he asked a man how he lost his leg. The man who was missing a leg simply replied: "we don' know who did it but all we know is that they come from bush and go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"
Jake: "So what is it like to live here in Uganda, I see you lost your leg."
abbo: "we don' really know wah happened, all we know is dat they come from Bush and go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"

Teacher: "What is 2+2?"
You: "5"
Teacher: You Come from Bush.
by LT boi May 05, 2018

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