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Native Mexican' is a person who's half Native American n Mexican. (Spanish)

Usually can tell just by "Eye shape" n nose.
It feels good to be Native Mexican !
by DrewApex August 06, 2017

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1. Color of dirt, poop, ravioli meat, etc.
2. Last name of assaulters and possible pedophiles.
Guy 1: Dude, look at that brown car.
Guy 2: That's a real crappy color

Guy: Ravioli ravioli brown gave me the dongioli
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by Straight Trash May 18, 2017

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Adam is a brown nigga who’ll get that girl sucking any time, he is a savage and steals shit, he’s a fucking savage ass nigga!
Adam is a fucking nigga
by AdamTheSavage May 30, 2018

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Swahili log mean fish
Nakula ugali na samaki
by De classic February 23, 2019

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