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my brother
Yo bro he's a 'he's a knob head'
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by wagonepiftingwhatsyourbbmpin March 23, 2017

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Means a bro or in other sense another person you happen to know.
My friend Dustin's a dabose
by Zigzag Brandon November 06, 2017

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The word "brother" but its the way me and my clan owner say it.
Bruver, check that girl out she is dummy thicc
by code ttv-graphixity April 24, 2019

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Joseph is my brother it's the best thing that I have in the world I
One time a psychologist told me you value because one person in the world you know so that the universe loves and when I wanted the first person to learn to take the that my the same way that I am could my brother be he holding to my sense of the prized being was I love you so much little brother my self
by Sanaz tan October 09, 2018

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