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When you’re good bro does you wrong.
Luke: Kyle’s brogus, my friend.
Chad: What’d he do? You guys are so tight.

Luke: He went climbing with my buddy Andee and didn’t invite me.

Chad: Shit. That’s not cool. Andee was your big homie.

Luke: I know.

Chad: And Andee’s a beast. I bet he crushed it.

Luke: True.
by Gengalore June 26, 2018

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A condition in which there are too many males present in one area... literally case of BROtosis.
Yo, there is a brotosis going on over here.. dudes everywhere!
by brotosis December 18, 2017

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some stupid thing Nick Crompton said
England is my city
England is a country you dinggling
by YEAH I SMELL GOOD August 13, 2017

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Your balls
That really twists my knackers, bro
via giphy
by Spectra_ January 18, 2017

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A bro that’s so bro that’s you add the sefus to show how bro the bro is
Tom is so bro that I think we should call him brosephus.
by 747292 November 28, 2018

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A Word In Replace Of Bro Usually Given To A Close Male Friend
"Sup Broseph" Said Reese "Sup Dudley" Said Michael
by Tokyo_Assassin November 12, 2016

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