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The pride you have for your bros that is alike to the pride a father has for his child, except that the pride is from one bro to another.
“Hey bro, did you hear about how our bro got all-state in basketball? I have a lot of bro pride for him.”
by captainkhan November 06, 2017

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A reformed former bro who now has a real job and real responsibilities, but sometimes lets slip their inner bro-ie ways
Your boss is a total brone-up!
by gvsuchica December 01, 2016

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A condition in which there are too many males present in one area... literally case of BROtosis.
Yo, there is a brotosis going on over here.. dudes everywhere!
by brotosis December 18, 2017

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some stupid thing Nick Crompton said
England is my city
England is a country you dinggling
by YEAH I SMELL GOOD August 13, 2017

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the cool way of saying bro
"Bro look!"
"It's not bro. It's bruh."
via giphy
by Jadzzz June 29, 2017

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My big brother who is the best brother in the world
I love you freaka
by Alexis😜 April 09, 2017

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A non-offensive term used between friends, meaning "really."
"Does ice cream melt."
"Hahaha! Sorry..!"
by GerbilFace105 August 10, 2017

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