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Brian is a shit friend and nobody likes him.
His a dick and e everyone hates him.
Wow brian is a fucker
by Brian is a Fucker September 30, 2017

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The act of getting shit done quickly and effectively.
That butler cleaned that table with brianly efficiency.
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by The Warrior of Virtue June 19, 2018

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Ching Chong that eat dog.
Brian can you watch my dog while I’m gone. Don’t eat it!
by Flamingoat45 December 29, 2018

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Mackenzie is a bitch who is fat and thinks he’s cool and is very fat got to say it again he is not strong and thinks that being gay is bad and he thinks black people are bad.
Mackenzie the fat beast
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by Ur mum 123 July 24, 2018

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a person who is very talented,smart,and very tall
Brian is very tall,said aaliyah
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by Anything brian October 18, 2016

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Something that a moron comes up with to just say he put something on here
Brian: guys I found scum bagel on here
Dakota: you are a scum bagel , your dumb ass put it in here
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by DKStangle December 03, 2016

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1.An Asshole who screws you and then leaves you then comes back with bullshit excuses just to screw you all over again. does this as many times he can.
2. too small to feel.
3. A guy incapable of making his own decisions.

4. Has his mommy wasn't there for him until he graduated, most likely a hoe too.

5. Amazing liar, Narcissist
6. Also attends school in many places probably

7. Will use girls for sex especially since he got played for it
9. Blames everyone himself
10. Always high on weed, or feeling sorry for himself because his life sucks
that guy who used me must be a Brian.
look at that guy, he's totally a brain because he's always getting high
by lostgirl who loves kittens April 13, 2017

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