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When a woman with enormous, hanging breasts stands up against you from behind and throws one over each of your shoulders, thus resembling the airline neck pillow .
Babe, I would appreciate you throwing those breasts over my shoulders like an airline neck pillow .
by Cam11 June 09, 2018

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When your friend doesn’t know they can use “Yonkers” when typing about breasts while sticking to an alphabet theme.
What’s a good name for a boob? Like one that starts with a Y? Ybooooobies?
by M1SS1NGN0(?) March 11, 2019

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During sexual activity and generally during foreplay, the slow but tedious movement of the mouth and hands towards the female breasts for exploration and stimulation.
I made out with Rachel last night and my breastward movement paid off.
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by Eaton Holgoode February 14, 2018

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When a female's breast is looking delicious, as if you would endulge in the goodness.
Girl them tiddies looking tiddylicious.
by Browniez February 21, 2019

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Small breasts similar to a pair of "wasp stings".
(A girl walks by two guys bra-less with pokey nipples)..

Harry) Did you see those nipples?
William) Yeah, great pair of stingers
by milessss July 05, 2018

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