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When your friend says Brb, and never comes back
You and three friends are in a call
Noah: Brb
40 Minutes Later
You: Did he just pull a Noah
Friends: Yeah
by TTTbbbbbT May 15, 2018

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Derived from the better known "brb," this is used to suggest when a person will be back but cannot be certain when they'll be right back as they anticipate other circumstances will delay them from making a speedy return. In the most extreme and rare cases, they will actually "bbn" also known as "be back never."
I'm going to take a shower, Bbn.
I need to do my readings, Bbn.
by Lil goofball April 19, 2018

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won't be right back
I am going to take a nap, wbrb bye.
by takinganapwbrb May 06, 2019

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