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A fat kid who loves hamburgers more than everything even tho he is with Joeny while cheating on Kimberly. More names he is known as ; Cartman,Ballena,Santa Claus and that fat kid .
Brandon the fat kid issa fat kid who has sagging tits.
by ilovesandman6969 October 31, 2017

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A dirty stinky sticky sloth, stinks like straight shit. His friends don't allow him into there group and he's a lil bitch. His mouth looks like an asscrack.
Wow poor Brandon he smells like shit
by Slothbois stink February 06, 2017

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he is a dumb mexican with nice eyebrows.
brandon ur completely stupid.
by Roshoee February 12, 2018

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I guy who has a huge dick but is not worth shit . He's the player type and he's a total cheater . He think everything is a game .
Brandon is an asshole
by BoyWouldYou March 13, 2017

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A huge loser. Nobody likes him and his hair looks like Elmo fucking red riding hood.
That nerd over there. What a Brandon
by i420blazeitwithmycat May 07, 2017

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A guy with a big ass and like weird fetishes. His dick is the size of your IQ
"Im glad i left that brandon almonte"
by meaninglessneck December 05, 2016

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A person who eats too much and doesn't care about the world. Usually has a elegant dad-bod and can drink a 2 liter of Mountain Dew per week
I'm feeling like a Pagoto today...
by Potato 420 blazen November 15, 2016

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