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Once a guy friend becomes a boyfriend, he must tolerate the responsibilities and duties of being the boyfriend such as giving his girlfriend his sweatshirts, listening to his girlfriend's complaints about others, seeing her without makeup on, etc.
Boyfriend: Why are you complaining about your friends so much? They're your friends, don't you like them?
Girlfriend: Of course I do but you're my boyfriend so listening to me complaining is part of your boyfriend territory.
by ICNDDUEC May 31, 2017

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A guy who loves and cares for you and tears you like his world and won’t do anything to harm you ( like throw fries at/on you)
My boyfriend is amazing I love him
by Yvtctxrrxfr January 08, 2019

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Treys may seem tough but in reality they are sweet and cheesy. treys are romantic and if you are sad they are sad. if someones bulling you they will stick up for you. treys are sensitive. treys get jealous easily. if you have a trey dont hurt these precious human beings
girl one: trey is a super nice boyfriend!

Girl two: yeah im going to steal him

girl one: bip boppity bop back tf up hes mine

girl two: fine but this isnt over

trey: it is
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by Wagwan p!fft!ng May 25, 2017

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A boyfriend with poor English
Mah bubbu, mah baifrond!!
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by JaneDoh420 April 21, 2018

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The most amazing boyfriend you could ever had, knows how to turn you on in a minute. Sweet, funny, loves beanies, and did I say that boy loves his cats. He is always there for you. He's a crazy werido but in a good way. Also he's sexy and can moan in his amazing deep voice.
I love BJ he's the best!!!
by YoutuberGirl00 December 26, 2016

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Something you don't need.
"my boyfriend cheated on me"

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the type of guy to instantly let his girlfriend turn him into her bitch and keep a leash on him
Guy: That guy is so whipped, lol.
His Friend: Yeah, he's such a Clay Critchfield
by Indian Lover November 30, 2016

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