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roko is a boy who is sexy and have a huge dick. he is that type of boys to treat a girl like a princess, he get all the ladies, but he always love them . when he find his girl , he will treat her like a queen and shows her respect like a man.
SOFIA ; roko is a gentlmen
by Xoxohate March 15, 2017
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A living, breathing, working object capable of motion and metabolism that falls under the mammal category of classifying living things. Typically falls under the genus Homo sapien. This specific kind of Homo sapien contains chromosomes in it's cells, totalling twenty-three. Withing these chromosomes, two are gender chromosomes, and for this noun to apply, these chromosomes must be of vastly different lengths and genetics. In this case, all other Homo sapiens classify it as an X And a Y chromosome. This version of a Homo sapien is, in the English language, used to describe another Homo sapien who fits these requirements, and also happens to be under their teenage years, which in most cultures is under thirteen years of age.

Also used by ghetto ass broke kids that have the IQ akin to a fucking potato to try and insult the other, but is glorified by the word "roast".
He is a boy

Really. It isn't that fucking simple. Unless you are a ghetto boy
by 5unf1ower May 11, 2017
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A nasty Boy >:^(
Alex is a nasty Boy
by gumngutz March 31, 2017
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The asshole who thinks your stalking him, but in reality it's just a fucking coincidence.
Tall, white skinned boy with glasses with lots of acne in his face.
Cesar called me a stalker On Monday
by Kae-de October 05, 2017
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A dadless child
That boy is a xav
by Toaster plays February 14, 2017
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another word for small penis
dang u have a jylan
by trevor from gta April 06, 2017
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This young producer in the ville lives life in the meme productions, he is very well known for hooking up with warman girls on the daily and sharing his memes orally. He cured cancer with his memes out in his Colorado.
Nigher: what is life
Meme Noah: life is an angle
via giphy
by Young bjm meme accuaintance March 23, 2017
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