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When you are bowling and you toss your ball onto the neighboring lane.
How shit! Did you see Liam’s shitty shack in the 3rd frame?
by West side dirty December 19, 2018

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The sexual act where the man stands at the top of the stairs and his girlfriend/wife bends over in front of him and he uses 2 fingers in her vagina and his thumb in the ass and throws her down the steps.
My girl is a dirty bowler. She loves to play around.
by Tylermsu February 10, 2018

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The sport of bowling’s term for perfect game or 300 game.
I shot tray last year during league and received a ring.
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by Lane1bowler February 17, 2018

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A common bowling term used to describe an almost-strike where all the pins are knocked over except for the center-most front pin.
I almost got a strike if it weren't for the one lone nun.
by myspecialmagic November 01, 2016

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The Devil Pin is the right-most back pin when it's the only pin standing after the first throw, especially when it causes a missed spare. This pin is the hardest to hit using the hook that a typical right-hand player throws, hence the name Devil Pin.
I missed another spare -- that Devil Pin gets me every time.
by Rederickfay February 27, 2019

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