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A person well known as "EL BOSS"
Yecy has a cool nickname el boss everybody knows that
by Selma559 March 15, 2017
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A boss ass nigga. He's a cool guy but when it comes to his money and respect, He don't fuck around. When It comes down to It he's really just that nigga. He focuses on his money and gets richer by the day. Two Word "Road Runner".
Man I wanna ball like jahmall. Lets ask him to put us on.
by AlbertEinstein001 March 15, 2017
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A jerk who acts like the boss of everyone
Girl:” she is such a danai
by Ugh wigh November 15, 2017
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Boss backwards, turns to ssoB meaning, Stupid Son Of a Bitch. Hopefully for someone you dislike.
Hey "boss" what's up, and how's work going? *wink*
by boss. i December 09, 2016
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the boss; the 'big cheese'.
Co-worker #1: You've been quiet in our meetings ever since the boss started attending. What's up?
Co-worker #2: I've been nervous...I'm afraid of what El Queso Grande might think if I say what's on my mind.
by Endo the Great June 05, 2017
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Usually a pimp with a big ego and big feet
Wow bruh this kids name should be Kow
by The all knowing king March 24, 2017
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to rule
now, i am bossing the gangs you can ask Drazzy
via giphy
by yemiyu January 27, 2017
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