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A person well known as "EL BOSS"
Yecy has a cool nickname el boss everybody knows that
by Selma559 March 15, 2017

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to rule
now, i am bossing the gangs you can ask Drazzy
via giphy
by yemiyu January 27, 2017

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A “Boss”
eg. Look it's Kavesh, the Boss
by WorldBoss9991 November 16, 2018

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A jerk who acts like the boss of everyone
Girl:” she is such a danai
by Ugh wigh November 15, 2017

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The ruler of the motherfucking kinder gems and has a true passion for the queen (cherokee).
Jonny Mort will rule da' world!
by M45H December 22, 2018

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This girl that was made to go far in life and will continue to work hard and beat a bitch face
Anjelysse otta beta to ass
by ^The one^ August 08, 2018

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A boss ass bitch who doesn't give a fuck
Not a thot nor whore but someone who is really fun to be around and someone who takes things to offense very easily she will throw rounds real quick with any bitch that talks shit
David he lost ammoriana
by Name_definer_original May 04, 2018

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