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Usually Mexican slang for, "blowjob, head, oral sex, sloppy toppy, etc." Used in an aggresive manner because they're not ordinary blowjobs, they're sopladas. Here are a list of words and definitions translated from Spanish.
Soplar/Sople - To blow
Sopladora - Blower
Soplando - Blowing
Sopladota/Sopladotas - Next level sopladas. The best of oral sex.
Soplado - Blown (Slang for being stoned, high.)
I took Mamasita to the storage room real quick and she gave me some bomb ass sopladas.
I want that bitch to give me the sopladotas of her life.
Yo, I heard her mouth game is so serious, they call her La Sopladora!

Andavo tomado en mi cuarto con una puta y me soplo.
Nomas tengo ganas por unas mendigas sopladas pa que me duermo la noche.
Escuche que ella es buena sopladora, habla con ella!
by TyrannosaurusBearLasers December 03, 2017

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1.) when a song that has a rather catchy beat comes on aka a bop, and you want to dance to it. (Verb)

2.) Also can be used to describe yourself as the claps in a song, also meaning you are dancing really hard to the song when it was recorded! (Also verb)
Clapping my Ass: A figure of speech when you like a song and want to dance to it

1.)*sorry not sorry by Demi Lovato comes on*

*proceeds to dance*

2.)“Okay you hear that in the background?? That’s my ASS CLAPPING.”
by felich December 29, 2017

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To get oral sex from a female
I got the BopBop last night at the lacrosse game
by BigDaddyRay April 05, 2017

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!Seems Like The Good Life
Intellectual: Hey have you heard that Softball Club song?
You: Of course! Seems Like the Good Life! Lol SLTGL! Bop.
via giphy
by softball club fan #1 July 04, 2018

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To travel somewhere or get in something.
Kit Boultotn "Let's bop to the car"
Radishyam "Then were finna bop to England"
by K1rByGaMeS May 30, 2018

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It means to eat a banana. Only for Portland niggas though
Me: Aye you wanna bop?

Friend: Nah I'm good
by SuperMayneInThisBihhhh January 18, 2018

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