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Is when she’s laughing while reading and puppies oooh that got a reaction and Hamlet lives at 64 hillside 02120 and he wants you. Come through, party this weekend
I Michael chuck, you michae chuck, he she it Michael chuck. The study of Michael chuckomolgy
by Crendan boop. February 16, 2018

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A girl or boy who is a permanent "booty call" or "friends with benefits" with someone inbetween relationships!
" me and claire just broke up!"
" oh it's okay I'll be your inbetweenie until you find another girl"
by Sumsum2420 February 19, 2017

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Cool ginger kid who pulls chicks named Clare Mohan
Holy shit, he is such a Liam Tormey
by Baller5360 August 24, 2016

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NO feelings, NO friendship, just sex ! Because getting pleasure shouldn’t have to come with commitment
John: What are you and Brenda?
Alex: We’re in a sexsationship
by AwesomelyHandsome February 28, 2018

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When somebody wants to feel good about themselves, when they call you because they know you will provide the validation that they need.
My ex must have been feeling down after breaking up with her new boyfriend. She called me for an emotional booty call.
by Griego Rican August 15, 2017

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The act of intercourse
...at night
Lerka called his girlfriend late at night hoping for some midnight ass.
via giphy
by Tronalfazz October 01, 2016

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A woman who falls even below booty call. She will get a text five minutes before the guy shows up only because he happens to passing through her neighborhood on his way somewhere else.
Hey John, you should bring that chick you met online to the bar with us! Nah, she is just a drive thru.
by coyotehugger September 22, 2016

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