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She Got A Fine Peach
by Llamalover9 November 24, 2018

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A girl who isn't a homie hopper and is cute smart outgoing loud has a laughing problem and can take people boyfriends
Damn look at sinai Howell
by Sinai Howell April 26, 2017

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IS a person who is outgoing If u meat a damonnie she will be kinda messy but if u get on her good side u will become her “best friend” And she has kinda popular she is very annoying at times but she comes in handy.
Wow that’s a awesome damonnie
by Linda Parker February 11, 2018

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A very difficult and stressful sport which includes a boat, oars, and people to use the oars to row. This sport is led in New England by the Burlington High school rowing team who won the New England Ice Breaker Challenge even though Sound School Cheated!
Burlington High school beat The Sound School in open water rowing.
via giphy
by Ace Ventura Pet Detective January 04, 2018

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a fit brown skinned female. athletic and has a great personality. very social and friendly. likes to have a good time and is lowkey a freak. and has a big butt
wow she is such a kirdon
by chocolatethunder11 January 02, 2018

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The perfect couple. Absolute goals. Every couple wishes they could be them. They are very different in hight but compliment each other perfectly. They are the cutest together. Malia is a fantastic kisser. And Tyler has already made plans to make a move on her. You wish you could be them. Malia's and Tyler's are perfect for each other!
Wow they are such A Tyler and Malia, an amazing couple!
Malia and Tyler
by Yeaaaboiiiiiii May 16, 2017

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Japanese Word for Panties.
Damn Those some nice She Pantsu!
by Teriyakigod April 10, 2017

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