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Eleonora's tend to be quiet and shy at first, but once you get to know them they're loud, funny and can always cheer you up when you're feeling down. Deep down they're BADASS BITCHES and attract the opposite sex because of their big booty, wavy brown hair, vibrant brown eyes and heart melting smile. They are also extremely flirty and romantic, and would make the perfect girlfriend, so if you ever get the chance to date an Eleonora, keep her!
Guy 1: Bro theres this hot quiet girl in my history class and damnn her booty tho!
Guy 2: Yeah dude thats Eleonora. You should talk to her, she's not as quiet as you think.. ;)
by lilwindexfan23 September 24, 2017

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A very cool and courageous guy. He is a trustworthy and reliable person. Any one can share his personal information and problem with him. He understands the problem and gives a good advice. Any Girl can be in relationship with him and she will be happy to have him as her boyfriend. Elders love him and young teen love him.
Girl : Do you know Nandit? He is a trustworthy guy. I like to talk to him
by Chris Genesis January 11, 2018

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Ate mengkome fazrin dari Peqok oiii
Fazrin al performance
Kunyit fazrin
Mengkome lar ko macam fazrin
by JohnCrack December 28, 2017

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It means you are a fuck mothering vampire
I was walking down the street then I saw a fuck mothering vampire
by I eat ass and fap all day October 24, 2017

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He is very stupid. He is very annoying, he should stop doing drugs
Jack is retarded
by Heyputa January 11, 2018

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Something that i just made up. Means grab yo girls ass with a hand on each cheek and push ot together like you popping a zit.
If you don't quit popping my bumps i'ma popdatass.
by dr. touchybutt July 22, 2018

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pussy lord how eats so much ass
Tajshay will eat your ass
by hujgyugh May 07, 2018

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