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Another word for boobs.
She's got some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big old tonhongerekoogers. Giant bonkhonagahoogs. HUMONGOUS hungolomghnonoloughongous.
by Relvel July 24, 2017

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Has a big dick can kiss very well and he will have sex all night if you want him to
Girl:Hi baby (Declan) a good bf
by Devon vin devon March 27, 2017

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An Ice cream flavor that is made with breast milk.
Ice cream Man:Who wants ice cream?
Kid:Ooh!Can I get Double D Dipple Nipple
by Savagw212007 December 26, 2017

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The jizz on a women's tits after sex
Last night my girlfriend decided she wanted some tit balm, so I gave it to her.
by Shoenzie August 10, 2017

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A sick-ass motherfucking voltage-controlled switch.
Jose: Yo dog Intel got the new shit! Them be using 10 nm shit for their transistors. Shit is crazy. You feel me dog?
Alex: That's some crazy shit right there homie. How they gonna stop them electrons tunneling over that shit?
Jose: Them be using new materials n shit.

transistor, transistor
via giphy
by elektrical November 29, 2016

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My Milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.
by dankcornstarch August 25, 2016

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Essentially a word used to describe testicles located on the chest (not related to Chesticles ).

Can also be used to describe a picture of boobs that have no visible nipple.
"man have you seen that kid walking around? they got some huge chestnuts"
"that anime girl has some nice chestnuts"
by pleasedonthurtmeimpoor July 06, 2018

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