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Female breasts, usually nice ones.
Check out the yobes on Sarah.
by Jackbrewsbeer June 14, 2018

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Essentially a word used to describe testicles located on the chest (not related to Chesticles ).

Can also be used to describe a picture of boobs that have no visible nipple.
"man have you seen that kid walking around? they got some huge chestnuts"
"that anime girl has some nice chestnuts"
by pleasedonthurtmeimpoor July 06, 2018

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The jizz on a women's tits after sex
Last night my girlfriend decided she wanted some tit balm, so I gave it to her.
by Shoenzie August 10, 2017

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good vibe
i have a good vib3 about tomorrow.
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by vib3 July 24, 2017

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The act of flashing ones bare breasts.
You should flop your tots onto the office window.
by Hinkledorf May 16, 2017

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Boobs that look bigger than they appear.
Damn Jonathan. You got some nice yoobs
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by Gokuswause March 02, 2019

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A boob job with mayo used as lube
Jeff and Carey got drunk last night and he got a boobwitch in the fridge
by Ele8 January 04, 2017

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