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A term used to yell at a white boy for crushing on my bitch. Commonly used to escort a cunt out of a skype call.
You better excevacuate
by Fisheyfishsticks February 18, 2017

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Andres is the fucking bestest of boys, yeah his dick maybe 5 inches but he gets more pussy than any alpha male that isn’t an Andres, Andres is also a caring person that watches Bob Ross on the weekends, he also likes to treat women with Respect but most importantly Andres will stand by your side
Woah that guy treated me with respect and dignity like and Andres
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by Rhinne June 27, 2018

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two circles of flesh on our chests.
not that special.
at all.
Yo, Dude that girl has some JUGS!
So? Wait woah}, she does.
Honey, they're just my boobs...
by andpringl May 21, 2018

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Cool, awesome and fun!
Last weekend was really boob
by Jessica Liz July 14, 2017

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A girl with an extremley flat chest and abs (oftenling mistaken for a boy)
That Maria girl is definitely not a quandrel!
by Cockwambler December 11, 2016

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The moment you grow boobs.
My sister started boobrty.
by Kenzaya July 29, 2016

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A machine that shoots boobs which also has nipples that squirt milk at the enemy
“I ran outta ammo. Bring me the boobslinger”
by Marie246 March 19, 2018

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