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Cute word to describe a significant other. Like saying "my boo".
My BOOSKIE and I are headed to the beach.
by MaineChick207 February 02, 2017

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a faggot
Myint a girl that has a fucking dumbass brain
by FuckABitchForgotHerName May 11, 2018

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Someone who is typically a softy, someone who’s too much of a yuppie, like a soccer mom, but in man form.

Can also be used for woman, in stead of soccer mom, boo momma.
Oh my god I met him and he’s such a damn boo.

She’s gotta van full of kids she’s taking to soccer, what a boo momma.
by IAmBoo April 22, 2018

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Sweet kind loveable perso
Kanajah love is sweet
by Cancerous vagaga November 01, 2016

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