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A word that people say after they shotgun a beer.
Tom: Guys let's shotgun a beer!
Group: Fuck yeah!
Everyone: BOBBYYY!!!!!
Tom: Ready for another?
Group: Wait where's Joe?
Tom: Oh he's just sleeping in the neighbors garage for the night.
by Dr. Budweiser October 13, 2017

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A saying said in the king of the hill when bobby is dumb as shit
Damnit bobby propanes is ok to drink
by DamnitBobby21 December 15, 2016

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picks up the trash and then eats it, sleeps with it.
Bobby’s got no self respect because he sleeps with trash. He should recycle buyback instead he chooses to easy route.
by *chiquita.lolita. July 29, 2018

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Also known as BobLeLobster or RetardoKid9001, MCK4Gaming has a very large penis and is great in bed (He is a Bobby). He has a Youtube channel which isn't very famous. His YT thingy is UCu-Tb-c7Qbic7JmYK88be9w or just search up BobLeLobster on Youtube. | Give him all the support like the cancerous community of the urban dictionary. A few of his videos are:

Virgin America 108 LAX-IAD Nice Landing

What it feels like to get a GTX 1060

Man at school offers me pizza.
OMG is that MCK4Gaming? I'm your biggest fan!
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by MECHANICROBO October 04, 2017

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A gay man. Annoying as fuck. He will attempt to beat you up if you annoy him. He always gets hit in the balls.
Is that a Bobby? Because he seems gay
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by Hamanii June 09, 2018

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Sweet,kind,funny and cute that loves cuddles and being with his girl and is loyal to the end and also has a big dick
by iSkullBeast January 21, 2018

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I big dick humongous sized
John has a big bobby
by Jon_cock9993 December 26, 2017

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