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A blunt so massive that it could be substituted for the long cylindrical tubes on a pontoon boat and still achieve the desired amount of flotation.
Dude those blunts were so fat that we could have strapped some plywood to those bad boys and taken them out on the lake. They were some fatoons for sure.
by Rico Spanito July 16, 2016

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Another word for blunt.

Blunt - Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
*hits bluntaroon*

"Bruh...how did the niggas who made the first clock know what time it is?"
via giphy
by $crim July 17, 2016

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A Mississippi slang term for blunt used primarily in Jackson.
You need to gon roll the bleezy before my pops comes home.
by bigqonjack2 June 18, 2018

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the ability to express your opinions without considering who might be hurt or unhappy .

Ask Drew, he is loohzy and honest
by rasmojazzy April 09, 2019

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Fat blunt
Frank: Yo. Do you this parwesh
Belen: hell yeah nigga!!
by Fuckbuttchicken June 19, 2017

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