#blow job

Top Definition
This describes a comical request for a blow job.
Ben Dover requested Wonda Wonderpig to go cannibal my Hannibal!
by I, Wreckerrr January 17, 2017

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April 12th is the national day to give blowjobs
John: hey what are you doing tomorrow?

Bill: Getting head it’s national blowjob day
by Billysexboi May 25, 2018

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Fingerjob is when a girlfriend sticks there boyfriends finger in their mouth. Usually considered a sign that she'll suck ur dick in due time.
Bro i couldnt convince her to give me a blowjob, but i got a fingerjob.
by Nickelnuts June 04, 2018

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A blow job for fuck boys
S: Yo bro can you give me a Succ job?
by Applegiggles January 02, 2018

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Sucking a niggas dick
My ex was slurmin last night
by LitesouT January 25, 2017

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When she licks the cum off of your couch after giving you head.
Dude Naomi is my Couch Cleaner
by DieselDude December 03, 2017

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When two dudes are getting a blow job at the same time.
Bobby and Johnny called over Becky to give her an open-faced sandwich as she satiable appetite for cock.
by Tone dead titties March 11, 2018

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