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A beautiful, funny, bipolar at times, doesn’t care what anyone thinks type of girl. She’ll blow you away with her since of humor and once she’s made you her friend, you’ll never want to let go. If you ever hurt her, you’ll regret it!
She is so funny. Yeah that’s Taviani
by Ñushïe_11 March 19, 2018

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A good way to talk about blow without people thinking you are talking about blow. It’s jus making blow a person in a way. Just don’t make it obvious that Christina isn’t real
“Hey you tryna see Christina tonight I’m gonna pick her up”
“Yeah I love her”
by Ski instructor May 08, 2019

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When a gay man has ejaculates onto another man's penis then sucks it off
Dude, I heard Jared did a salted kob on Jerome
by It's yaboiiiii October 16, 2017

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Slow Blow Job
Same as "you should", though it can be use for any subject (I, he, she, we, it, they). Implies advice or warning. Common in the southern US, this phrase has been shortened down from: SBJ

You would be better off if you...

You would be better to ...

You'd be better...

You'd better...

You better...
by bentenner May 07, 2019

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To be giving oral pleasure
Naman you fucker, it means blowjob; You blow me
by Nandavv February 10, 2017

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A guy who gives a mean blowjob. He's a bit small, but otherwise he's alright
Damn. You can SUCK as good as Neftali!
by NuclearNuts91 July 26, 2018

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