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Biolene is a type of gas stored in capsules
I sniffed biolene and it was horrible
by ObeySlenderrr January 30, 2017

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a word made up for people who don't cuss. it means fucking freezing. is usually used in the winter
i hate winter, it's fuzzing
by the best of the four privett' January 25, 2019

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a mulokai is a nice guy on the inside but he doesnt know how to deal with others. he will stand up for you and always be there for you. hes funny and he knows how to make people laugh.
guy 1: hey man have you met the new guy down the street?

guy 2: yea man he is so funny! and his name is mulokai
by xander panda bear November 21, 2018

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This girl who sits in our corner who speak like 5 different languages... she kinda weird... she likes Chris :p
Yulia Pryplotska is a person
by derpfaced shithead June 02, 2018

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