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Blackest man who ever existed. Next In line to be alpha black. Grew up in Africa but moved to Compton when he was 4 years old when his water hole got tainted. After a few years, 9 year old MarQuies moved to Detroit for another 3 years. Then he moved to Canada to continue being black. He has recently bought Jordan's and eats a lot of chicken. He is next in line to be the alpha black and is jacked. MarQuies still suffers PTSD from his past, but is slowly getting better with it.
Wow I wish I was as black as MarQuies, he is so cool
by MarQuies June 28, 2016

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A slightly cold Ghanaian girl.Usally Usually seen wearing sweaters and only changing them once a month. She tends to act cold but on the inside is one of the weirdest people you will ever met.
Oh shit its a fiankobea!
by Starrywaters March 03, 2019

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small dick for joonie
aot chanthorn had sex with joonie
via giphy
by im god, nigga July 28, 2018

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A black robber that kills and harrasses people
That davies killed my grandfather
by FlameBlade125 June 08, 2018

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The black guy
Look at that "ape" attack that elderly man with the united states of america flag.
by FunkboyOBama August 06, 2017

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washing away all traces of the black race
we whitewashed America
by KiandyMundy July 02, 2017

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The biggest blackest kind of person on earth
Gawdamn that man is such a fuckin Wassim, niggeh
by Black ducks April 04, 2019

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