He is tall handsome but a bitch
Omg did you see Daniel ?

Yea he is a bitch
via giphy
by How bout that March 06, 2017

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A stubborn little girl who craves drama 24/7. Has no heart and is a psycho. No friends or family will ever love her. She fights with everyone, watch out. (; jk she's a pussy.
Quit being such a "Halnur!"
by @#nodrama February 08, 2018

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A player who likes to mess around with girls, very sexual. But has a nice personality and would never intentionally bully someone. Takes rejection well and is usually not a jealous or spiteful person
Oh, I knew a Sejid too.
by LilKenzi December 15, 2017

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he/she is a bitch who doesn't care about anyone but themselves
oh my heavens he's such a Roxzi
by hahgayyyy42069 August 10, 2017

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LiL bitch
Matthews a LiL bitch
by Regamas March 13, 2018

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a whole ass bitch
listen up skid bitch
by skid bitch September 21, 2018

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A fucking cunt.
I hate that Zhi Qi
by Some Random Asian Guy June 08, 2018

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