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A pussy ass bitch ass nigga
I can't stand a Terraj.
by Explosive silomi July 14, 2016

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That gorl is such a caitlin jones
by Niamph Murphy April 15, 2019

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(noun) ghost-ing
The act of cutting off communication with friends/family or a love interest in a way that makes you a total bitch. Ghosting often happens online and involves ignoring messages, not responding to invites and making everyone hate you while complaining about how everyone hates you.

Also see ‘how to lose all your friends’
If you’re ghosting me don’t complain about being left out. Don’t be a cunt.
by uisacoldfacedbitch March 06, 2018

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A female who is known to be the biggest bitch in the history. She knows how to please a man and she can even please animals too.
I don't like being Sushmeet.
by Baburao Ganapathrao Apte February 28, 2019

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Sarcastic but lovable bitch
Wow, I love you but I wanna punch you in the face. Your name must be Sam.
by DPBC May 11, 2018

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Sarcastic bitch
Elizia is a sarcastic bitch
by Ruby-9904 July 14, 2017

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The biggest bitch of any friend group. He always complains if he doesn’t get his way and has a chode
Alex can’t get a girl because of his chode
by Bigdickbeastly August 06, 2019

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