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Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

1. a contemptuous term used to by black in the 1800's referring to a white servants.

2. Black Slang: A term used to describe group of the lower class white race who display a racial prejudice towards black people as if they have a supremacy base on race.

3. Definition of White Hater towards someone of the black race.

4. The Rejects of their own race.

5. poor White people living in the US, especially in the southern states.
The slaves themselves entertain the very highest contempt for white servants, whom they designate as 'poor white trash.' Fanny Kemble, journal, Jan. 6, 1833

A famous Poor White Trash Quote: '"If you ain't better than a nigger, who are you better than?' (Taken from the movie Mississippi Burning 1988)
by True Define March 18, 2017

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A person who "isn't a bigot" but whose opinions, actions, voting patterns, and policy preferences are indistinguishable from those of bigots.
"Yo, you know who I hate? Immigrants. And blacks. And Muslims. I'm going to go vote for Donald Trump now."
"Dude, don't be a bigot."
"I'm not a bigot!"
"Okay, whatever, then don't be a rumpot."
by Leaving It January 25, 2017

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