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a really epic large penis gamer
big dog#2152 has a large pp
by Big Dog#2152 October 28, 2018

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fat as fuck bunny b-tec version of bugs bunny
I hit the dab with my G big chungus
by bigniggabob January 17, 2019

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Is a very huge black kid that’s a size of a rhino. Sometimes sweet and sometimes likes to get one your bad side
Hey xavione, how it been?
by Hshsehbd January 02, 2018

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Person who is fat and is not attractive, he can only have friends
Guy 1: dude that guy in the corner is such a Amiran.
Girl 1:i heard he can only get friends
by Dick mom April 11, 2017

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My dick/ the opposite of your dick
Dang that’s big
by TheMotherFucker69BigDaddy March 09, 2019

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And absolute mad lad
You know that guy over there? iToastii
by LazarMeme August 16, 2018

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To be as stacked as Cam Hayward
You been working out? You’re looking pretty biggly.
by OfficialJesus February 20, 2018

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