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Long dick
Girl there goes Deshawn with that long dick
by Thefield December 22, 2016

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A big headed motherfucker... Handsome, loud, and big headed.
Thats a Jaysn head right there
by 2Legittttt August 14, 2016

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He has the biggest cock known to man and girls would do anything to ride it
Well to bad, you’re blind that’s a james Evans
by James Evans January 26, 2018

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Is a very huge black kid that’s a size of a rhino. Sometimes sweet and sometimes likes to get one your bad side
Hey xavione, how it been?
by Hshsehbd January 02, 2018

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Person who is fat and is not attractive, he can only have friends
Guy 1: dude that guy in the corner is such a Amiran.
Girl 1:i heard he can only get friends
by Dick mom April 11, 2017

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And absolute mad lad
You know that guy over there? iToastii
by LazarMeme August 16, 2018

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To be as stacked as Cam Hayward
You been working out? You’re looking pretty biggly.
by OfficialJesus February 20, 2018

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