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Renise is a crazy and outgoing girl and never takes shit from anyone. She has such a model body and she is funny. She can roast someone and it would make everyone laugh and the person hate but she dont care. She has great sense of style and has a amazing personality. When she doesnt like what some one has done then she blanks them until they realise wht they have done. She is the girl that all boys want and she can and will get the boy that she wants.
Girl: No one likes you
Renise: Hunty dont start chatting, who do you hang out with? *snaps her fingers and turns and walks away*
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by Bestis person November 08, 2016

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showing your undying affection through being assholes and quoting vines
Kate and Lauren are the truest example of “best friend goals”
by avocadobae May 30, 2018

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Dilesy’s are Awsome there very Honest,kind,and kind of weird but they always have your back.They are very offended by things but the best friend to have.
Hay Dilesy how are you!
by no definition but we have it March 19, 2018

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A wise woman once didn't give a single fuck about grammar, and invented the word "bestest". It is used to specify if something is the best, among other things.
I has the bestest ice cream, you fools. Do not question me.
by Kalypto July 06, 2016

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literally happy
a person named asher or with asher in their string of names is a typically fun guy/girl. They joke and have loads of fun and people never get bored of them. Also the chances of meeting someone named asher is one in a billion. I f you do happen to meet one do not let him/her go.
Asher is my best kind of guy.
by black911 February 19, 2018

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Lilly she is trust worthy and nice and caring and can always make you laugh she is so trustworthy that u can tell her anything and she won’t tell she has aggression like a lot of it but if you can deal with it go ahead she loves trever trever is her life and soul she can’t love without him
Lilly you are the best
by Lele336 June 06, 2018

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The most handsome American boy in all the world with the highest rank and the best at everything
Yo, Supreme
by Supreme3 March 18, 2018

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