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Any adult beverage consumed while boating carelessly on the lake. See: Beer
Cooter! Throw me a lake pop!
by yeOldLakePopper February 06, 2017
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Beer that's free at a party or a get together, often provided by the host.
"No need to bring the warm natty's, Joe is supplying the community brews."
by Captain whiskey dick July 10, 2016
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One who can't afford beer but feasts on innocent people's brewskies who can actually afford an 18 pack of Busch.
Edward was snagging everyone's beer at Brian's party, freaking beer shark.
by Beer dick beer shark August 17, 2017
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Actual Beer Volume
"Bro, what's the abv on that beer?"

"100% bro."

"Sick, bro! Hold it for me?"
by idklad December 04, 2017
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A tall cool is another name for a large cold beer
I going for a tall cool with the guys.
by URWrongM8 July 17, 2017
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A shower beer. A beer you consume whilst in the shower.

Whew, I want to take a shower. But I also want a beer. I'm gonna have a showber.
by peacheebabee February 22, 2017
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Any ice cold light beer.
I could go for a cold gold right about now....
by mkillabatman February 13, 2017
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