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Beer that's free at a party or a get together, often provided by the host.
"No need to bring the warm natty's, Joe is supplying the community brews."
by Captain whiskey dick July 10, 2016

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A buddy you consume beer with.
Cmon frostdogs, let's go pound some brews.
by Jgroff January 04, 2017

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A craft beer that doesn't taste good and gets poured down the sink. Usually a home-brew gone wrong or a skunked beer with a bad seal on the bottle, or just a bad attempt at a particular style.
I tried some Bad IPA from Newbie Brewing Company, it was a sinker.
by GR Mule April 01, 2017

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Derogatory term for any type of beer: larger, ale, stout, IPA etc. Normally used in a condescending manner by those who consider themselves superior owing to their choice of non-beer beverage.
"I can't believe you're still drinking that liquid bread", sniffed the divine Ms Russell haughtily as she arsed another half pint of Pinot Grigio. "Don't you know that beer is full of calories whereas my wine makes me fantastically interesting and intelligent? For instance, I'm able to constructively critique quantum physics theorem or suggest complex improvements to Apple operating systems."
by mackyaj October 13, 2018

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When someone ejaculates into a cup of alcoholic beverage and the recipiant drinks it all
My girl absolutely loved the willy beer i gave her
by TTC_Limbo August 24, 2018

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A shower beer. A beer you consume whilst in the shower.

Whew, I want to take a shower. But I also want a beer. I'm gonna have a showber.
by peacheebabee February 22, 2017

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Any ice cold light beer.
I could go for a cold gold right about now....
by mkillabatman February 13, 2017

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