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August 3rd, the day in which you start beef with anyone friends,family,strangers,dogs,etc just start saying shit to each other
“Hey man fuck you”

“Wtf what was that for?”
“Today’s national beef day”
by Jwill724 August 03, 2018

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A video originally posted on YouTube that later becomes a meme.

By the way, just search I smell like beef on YouTube.
Kid: I smell like beef.
by viperinafire February 05, 2018

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The Arabic word for "fight", used mostly in the middle east as a substitute for "fight" or "beef"
"You asking for a salfa, bro?"
"Don't tell him you're his friend, they have a serious salfa"
by vixthunderboy May 07, 2017

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A completely made up grudge with your homie, where you act like your about to scrap but at the last second you squash it and laught. Usual done for comical reasons or to distract a crowd.
My bro showed up the the party with Beefless Beef. He ran up on me talking mad shit, like he was about to throw hands. Everybody was ready to jump until til we bro hugged and laughed.
by Murdatrike October 19, 2017

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When you don't enjoy beef, but you insist on eating anyway.
"Martin you know you can't eat beef it fucks up your stomach."
- (Martin)"Yeah, I know. To hell with this swinto."
by therealjinc May 25, 2018

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To open a dialogue with someone you have a problem with
You got a problem? Speak your beef, bro.
by maestroofmisanthropy July 23, 2017

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