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A gentleman's bed set up solely for the wholesome purpose of conjoining with members of the fairer sex.
Harry, the eternal artist, heard her knock on the door, set down his cup of tea and greeted his shapely, rich neighbour, wife of Lord Aberhuff. Margaret had commissioned a full length portrait of herself as Joan of Arc. A difficult brief, as although well-preserved, she was in her sixties. During a break from the work, he put down his brushes and invited the now naked Margaret to have a rest on his "workbench", a king bed in the adjoining room with idyllic views over his lilypond and wild garden actually. It wasn't long before Harry was bedecked in sweat and energetically reaming the venerable Dame every which way to Sunday. Her sonorous, ascending moans of joy punctuated the still morning air and elicited gasps of dismay from elderly parishioners walking to church under the boughs of mature oaks lining the sidewalks of the leafy green suburb.

The Spiv: Get your gear off and get comfy on the workbench, love, and I'll fetch us some drinks.
by Zoschenko September 02, 2018

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When you feel so close to someone, you realize it's actually you sleeping, and that someone is your bed
I love my bed
by Kylo_Kat_wizard January 31, 2017

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Fun,life of the party, great in bed,smart ,caring , sexy and always good to be around,
Bobbie-Leigh is the party
by Bcr16 April 13, 2017

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