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Someone who would use this word to refer to someone."
Detective #1: "That bloodstain against the wall is very ugly."
Detective #2: "you're tellin' me."
Detective #1: "kinda looks like a cats butt..."
by GayerthanyouHA! February 23, 2019

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Did you see violah today
by Emma8272882 March 14, 2017

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A Timyra is absolutely fantastic. She never is boring and is constantly interesting. She is sweet but has an amazing sexy side to her. A Timyra is usually beautiful. Her beauty is indescribable and should never be described as using "hot." A Timyra is so kind and loving she deserves just as much respect. A Timyra needs the attention and affection that she deserves. Also, she doesn't take things too fast, so don't go too far with her or else you will regret it. A Timyra also usually has an amazing smile. The smile is so cute it's almost serial. And what is there to say about the eyes and hair!? A Timyra's eyes are so attractive and cute. A person could stare into them and just get lost. A Timyra's hair isn't any less amazing. It flows out so naturally, it is so stunning. No matter how she has it; curly, straight etc., she looks beautiful. You could stay with her for the longest time and do nothing and you would never be bored because just being in her presence and being with a Timyra is good enough. But it's not all about looks. A Timyra usually has a great personality. Her laugh is different but so sweet and cute. She is talented in so many ways and she is probably very smart. You couldn't ask for a more perfect girl.
Dude she's hot!

No man, she's a Timyra, she's beautiful.
by the_jordan___ December 01, 2018

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A rare beautiful woman with a lil attitude
Better get you a Stetra her type is rare and she's a beauty
by Stejon March 16, 2017

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Sexy cute women with no hair but she makes up for it with her personality.😰💁🏽🎉
When you're mongitta you're never Lacking.💁🏿
by Jjabvah February 01, 2017

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Lisa <3
Lisa is the definition of beauty. <3
by SpartM June 02, 2018

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A well dressed lady
You are a Jezebel
by Too cute T December 27, 2016

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