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A very beautiful woman. She can make you laugh and feel good bout yourself. Also gives alot of love and is always there for you.
Thank god for jemina
by Breezy baby bruh January 28, 2017

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Beyond beautiful.. very confident and loves to have fun ! Really shy when u first meet her but as you get to know her better she's extremely exiting and funny ! She knows how to take a joke ! And has lots of people crushing on her . But she stays with the one she wants
" That girl is so exciting she reminds me of a Katelin "
by Its the truth356 March 14, 2017

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Beri is a girl who is always by your side she loves you, cares for you and wants nothing but your love in return. she is absolutely beautiful and has the kindest heart you will ever see anyone with.
Boy 1: who's that?
Boy 2: That's Beri
Boy 1: wow
Boy 2 : I know right
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by omlimdone November 24, 2017

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Savajè is pronounced like a French name By the most beautiful girl on earth she tends to leave others jealous and obsessed with what she does.she speaks her mind and don’t care about what people has to say But don’t cross her line, she will leave you dead on the road. Her ways and moves makes a boy weak to his knees anybody who dates a Savajè is blessed to have her she’s an keeper so keep her close. Savajè loves hard on people she has an big heart and she will do whatever it takes for anybody she loves. She’s very intelligent, open minded, loyal, funny,sexy, ambitious, loving, confident, and at times can be sensitive depending on the situation but Don’t ever think you’re hurting her feelings if u cut her off because it won’t bother her because she only needs herself she’s too independent to worry about you nor never afraid to lose a friend if u be fake with her she’ll also leave with out telling you and you’ll never hear from her again. Savajè gets all the boys so watch out for your mans her body is worth billions she has a slim waste with a big booty no man can resist she’ll take your soul in seconds but it’s ok because she’ll only take a good man who loves her for her.
Savajè so perfect and wifey material I need her.

Savajè got me drooling man!

by Krislyn Marie October 14, 2017

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beloved, can get anyone's attention, usually has a big booty
Danggg, Priyah. That booty's got to go!! ;)
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by properlexythatran December 09, 2017

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Aroush is such a beautiful girl and everyone loves her. She can hide her feelings very well even if she’s having the worst day of her life. Every guy loves her and wants her really bad. Aroush has a cheerful and fun personality and she is amazing in so many ways. She is the best person on earth and can make the earth a better place. She is so kind and caring and if your hurt she will be there for you. If you say something offensive she will hide how she feels but she knows she won’t care about it. She’s is an amazing person in many ways.
Aroush is the greatest girl ever

I know right!
by Cute yay April 04, 2018

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Selizia means consecrated to God, yet she may be shy but she is full of life. Once she gets to know you she can be the most amazing person and very caring and loves her friends. She has beautiful features like an angel. Goofy, but serious. Both street and book smart. But don't get on her bad side Selizias will fight and they hit hard. The name is very rare so once you come accross a Selizia keep her around you won't regret it. 9 times out of 10 her moms name will be Amanda and if she comes from an Amanda you know shes the 1. Selizias are very artistic and great creators.
Did you see Selizia ? She is beautiful.
Pronounced: Sahh -lee-ze-ah!
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by SvcsB April 24, 2018

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