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A very beautiful woman. She can make you laugh and feel good bout yourself. Also gives alot of love and is always there for you.
Thank god for jemina
by Breezy baby bruh January 28, 2017

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Beyond beautiful.. very confident and loves to have fun ! Really shy when u first meet her but as you get to know her better she's extremely exiting and funny ! She knows how to take a joke ! And has lots of people crushing on her . But she stays with the one she wants
" That girl is so exciting she reminds me of a Katelin "
by Its the truth356 March 14, 2017

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A beautiful young woman who can take your man in s second.
I wish I had an amora
by Barock January 22, 2018

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Most beautiful person you will ever meet. Easily misunderstood as an aggressive person but once you get close to them they're chill and very funny . Never let go of a Serpil they're precious .
Wow, that girl over there looks like a serpil.
by saltystudent January 01, 2018

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A very beautiful person, very genuine, smart, funny, lovable, caring, sweet, and has a smile that can lighten up a whole room.
Drawna is so beautiful
by Aanon12345 April 23, 2018

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Beri is a girl who is always by your side she loves you, cares for you and wants nothing but your love in return. she is absolutely beautiful and has the kindest heart you will ever see anyone with.
Boy 1: who's that?
Boy 2: That's Beri
Boy 1: wow
Boy 2 : I know right
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by omlimdone November 24, 2017

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beloved, can get anyone's attention, usually has a big booty
Danggg, Priyah. That booty's got to go!! ;)
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by properlexythatran December 09, 2017

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