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A very beautiful woman. She can make you laugh and feel good bout yourself. Also gives alot of love and is always there for you.
Thank god for jemina
by Breezy baby bruh January 28, 2017

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Evie is beautiful bro
by Evannnnnnnnnn April 24, 2017

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Aroush is such a beautiful girl and everyone loves her. She can hide her feelings very well even if she’s having the worst day of her life. Every guy loves her and wants her really bad. Aroush has a cheerful and fun personality and she is amazing in so many ways. She is the best person on earth and can make the earth a better place. She is so kind and caring and if your hurt she will be there for you. If you say something offensive she will hide how she feels but she knows she won’t care about it. She’s is an amazing person in many ways.
Aroush is the greatest girl ever

I know right!
by Cute yay April 04, 2018

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A very beautiful person, very genuine, smart, funny, lovable, caring, sweet, and has a smile that can lighten up a whole room.
Drawna is so beautiful
by Aanon12345 April 23, 2018

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Beri is a girl who is always by your side she loves you, cares for you and wants nothing but your love in return. she is absolutely beautiful and has the kindest heart you will ever see anyone with.
Boy 1: who's that?
Boy 2: That's Beri
Boy 1: wow
Boy 2 : I know right
via giphy
by omlimdone November 24, 2017

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A girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a total party animal, and is very insecure even tho she shouldn't be. She is afraid of getting judged, but still loves her life to the fullest. Alexis loves cats, and goes through a lot of life issues but yet still pulls herself through. She is beautiful and outgoing, get yourself an Alexis.
Person 1- "Who's that new girl?"
Person 2- "Alexis, she's totally hot!"
by bahaha33 April 03, 2018

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Anahylisbeth is an amazing person she is the best girlfriend/friend you could have anahylisbeths are very pretty,smart,loving,caring and always knows how to put a smile on someones face
Damn i wish anahylisbeth would talk to me someday
by Xenarah April 01, 2017

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