Top Definition
- Noun

A delicious, nutritious and convenient food consisting of cooked navy beans in a sauce. Often sold in tins that, when full, can also be used as weapons which people's skulls can be smashed open with.

- Verb

The act of caving in a wanker's skull with the vigorous application of a tin of baked beans against their head.
Jason waxed wrathful when it emerged that someone had stolen some of his precious baked beans tins

Michael's head exploded in a shower of brain juices as Charles, leaping off a nearby fencepost with a fierce screeching, baked beansed him forcefully over the back of his head
by Charlemagne1993 August 08, 2017

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- Adjective

Having bean characteristics or form; resembling a bean.

- Noun

1. Anything that resembles or evokes comparisons with a bean.

2. (In science fiction) Any individual of the race of giant sentient bipedal extraterrestrial bean beings.
I say, what a beanoid appearance that fellow has!

Much to his annoyance, Tom's short ungainly stature meant he was often termed a beanoid by his friends and associates

Beanoid frigate inbound! Action stations men, gunners to the starboard turrets!
by Charlemagne1993 February 27, 2017

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A girl who has brown hair

She has glasses and likes bean juice

Chicken gougons are HER LIFE
Don’t mess with her or she will turn u into a toilet

Ella likes beans so yeah that’s h t
by ..73£82&@2929&:!:” July 04, 2018

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- Noun

1. A portion of land on which beans are cultivated.
2. (Usually pejorative) Anything that evokes comparisons with a field of beans.
3. A plain or unremarkable-looking individual.
You damn kids, get the hell outta mah beanfield before I set Buck and Nashville on y'all!

Tom's face, much to his dismay and everyone else's disgust, was a veritable beanfield of pimples and moles that no amount of facial cleanser and scrubbing was going to completely alleviate

Michael, for the sheer unremarkability of his features, managed to be something no other self-avowed beanfield before him had ever been: remarkable for his appearance. He was, quite simply, the quintessential beanfield
by Charlemagne1993 August 03, 2017

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Very wet green beans.
"Wow, someone left thos beans outside in the rain. That's a lot of pee pee beans."
by Hewwo who's thewe July 29, 2017

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sesame seeds
sesame seed is a seed that grows in buns, usually found in burgers and some other stuffs. sometimes in doors, say sesame you stupid fuck
via giphy
by chupangels June 24, 2017

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