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-Wears either black leggings or yoga pants every single day.

-Wears baggy long-sleeve shirts.

-Dresses in Winter/Fall clothing even if it's Spring or Summer.

-Often has no personality or uniqueness.

-Thinks she's fit but is actually quite out of shape and doesn't work out.

-Hair is either extremely thin and long or is tied up in a messy bun.

-Dresses athletically for no reason.


-Either wears ugg boots or white Adidas sneakers.

-Spray tans.

-On iPhone 24/7.

-Got a boyfriend in middle school.

-Is lazy but thinks she has an active lifestyle.

-On all social medias, specifically Instagram and Snapchat.

-Phone background is a picture of her with her friends, all doing the duckface.



-Only has the naked eyeshadow palette and nothing else.

-Boy Crazy.

-Acts slutty but doesn't dress so.

-Wears tees for bands that she doesn't even know about that much.

-Thinks she's different yet is literally just a carbon copy of 90% of white girls.
Look at that girl on her Iphone in black leggings with Starbucks. She is SUCH a basic white girl.
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by Chiaki Nom-ami April 28, 2019

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