#basic bitch

Top Definition
A guy who describes himself as a Chairman and CEO entrepreneur, but is really just an exterminator that owns his own car (Blue Beetle).
Can you believe that guy we met last night at Applebee’s that ordered a Long Island iced tea?! He’s such a basic Mitch.
by WhatIreallywant2sayaboutyou February 28, 2018
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An obnoxious white bitch
That Heather over there got pissed when I said mayo isn't spicy.
by potanna January 24, 2017
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The male version of a basic bitch
He follows the stereotype of his gender and or race
They think they're unique but there really just like every other normal nigga
ugh look at dante with his timbs and new york hat on....what a normal nigga
wow another rapper with massive gold chains on his neck...what a normal nigga
by Ugh whats this? February 07, 2017
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The ultimate basic bitch euphemism for "look at this filtered picture of me looking hot...last night."
Did you see the picture Becky posted with the caption "About Last Night"? Bitch just went to Olive Gardens.
by TheSavage1234 March 14, 2018
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Emma is fucking basic and that's pretty much all there is to her.
"she's so fucking basic"
" she's probably an Emma"
by baby cabbage February 05, 2017
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When someone obsessively posts pictures on social media in order to get told they are attractive by strangers.
She posts so many pictures she has become a total couk.
by Jasonknowsbitches August 20, 2016
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A white girl with thin almost to none existent lips who always tends to go to Starbucks, take a picture and post it on social media. Basic bitches also follow the newest trends and want to say nigga so damn and their always trying to be in everyone's business. Oh and they also like to represent themselves as "slim thick" even though they're just sticks.
Josh: "Yo check her out bro she kinda cute"
Josiah: "she even got the new adidas white shoes whatever them fuckers are called but damn"
Colten: "Nah man she a basic bitch"
by Pissypussy April 06, 2017
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