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An utterly basic action. Often an anti-climax.
Must be frowned upon and called out.
*said in a lecturing tone of voice*
"The blasphemy, the absolute basicality"
by C_Jackson November 05, 2017

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Beverly Ayers
Beverly Ayers is a basic bitch
by Doritheexplori January 04, 2019

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Usually, 7th - 9th Grade white girls, that try to get boys and constantly talk about Snapchat, Instagram, or any kind of basic things.
Damn, Samantha is such a thot. She tried to hook up with me on Snapchat.
by Imm Gay March 10, 2018

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A black person who likes hiphop, Nikes, girls with wide asses, smokes pot, wears their hat any way but straight and thinks they are above every other black person who doesn't look like they just got out of jail and are actually successful. They are liberals and sympathize with BLM, and appear to be trapped in time from the 80s or 90s even though they have no idea of rap from those eras.
Today I was out and I felt this basic nigga's eyes on me. He was smiling like he was about to laugh because in his eyes I "dressed like a white dude".
by brutalcockrage March 06, 2017

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SMPL is short for the word Simple aka. basic
Your brand is so smpl you should make it more interesting
by Basic lifestyle February 06, 2019

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Basic Gurlie Wurlie #1 in the World
That Bricie Wicie is pretty basic there
by Skfndkfidnfkdiwkflsijsfk January 10, 2019

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