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Sanjida is a very rare name, typically from south-east Asian islands. They are exotic girls, with cool personalities. They often take on leadership roles and love challenges. They work hard to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Never mess with a Sanjida, they will always win.
sanjida's hair smells like the tropic and her body looks nice.
by the Feamale Bo$$ October 12, 2017

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The most brutal, vicious, hardcore, never ending roast session to ever occur in history, All who are hit with it can suffer sever trauma. Some can say it would be considered as "Verbal Rape" due to the events that took place afterwards. As of every 6pm EST to 7pm EST all jokes are valid no matter how dark they are. The caliber of jokes that were said as of October 2nd, 2018 were astonishing, and irreparable damage has been done to the subject, Codename Z.A.K.K.U
This session of Banter Hours was one we could never forget stan.
by katori November 18, 2018

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Not whatever the fuck Rhea just did
ayyyy banter
by Bigpussydixkcunt October 31, 2018

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Something really awesome beyond anything else
Mate your car is cooler than ice
That Joe cushion is cooler than ice
by Liv_ingitup October 15, 2018

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Railton can be a forename or a surname. As a firstname, Railton is extremely caring, protective of his family, thoughtful and loved by all those around him. Everyone wants to be Railton's friend. Railton's tend to be good looking with a great sense of humour. Not an hour goes past when you are with Railton that there wouldnt have been lots of laughter and happiness. People are unsure of Railton's when they first meet them as unsure of what to expect but soon are relaxed and comfortable in his presence as the fun begins. The ladies feel very safe when with Railton as they know he will be loyal to them and make them feel like a princess. Railton's have a high intellectual capacity and are hard working. They have good DIY skills and handy to have in the home.
I can't wait to see Railton this week as I need to have some laughs.

The mirror needs putting on the wall, I must call Railton.

Everyone needs a Railton in their life
by Anon4218 April 07, 2017

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