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Deez nuts
Suck charlegne
by Charlegne April 08, 2017

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The act of tightly grabbing your balls and squatting in an attempt to prevent ball-to-leg adhesion.
Yo! Bro! I need to either manspread or scrauche to get rid'da this itch!
by Squiddd December 22, 2017

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When your receiving head and she's going so hard she's bailing your balls like a punching bag.
Man I thought Stacie was innocent until she hit me with an Alaskan punching bag last night
by Barney Baby July 18, 2017

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when someone warm mugs, it's when you put your hand in your pants and cup your balls for a long time either for pleasure, for fun, or simply because it literally makes your hand warm. when you are warm mugging it feels like your grabbing a warm mug because it heats your hand, and the shape is very similar.
"dude get your hand out of your pants that's gross i don't want to see that!"- Sam
"nah bro i'm warm mugging it's awesome!"- Brandon
"oh my bad i'm gonna join you!"- Sam
by johnglenn69 September 23, 2016

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When you are so mad at your boyfriend that you have to cut his balls off.
I tied him to the bed and gave him a ballsectomy
by flowerboat March 10, 2017

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When someone tries to say "jingle bells", but accidentally makes it sexual...
You: "Hey, do you like the Christmas song Jangly Balls? "

Friend: "Oh, do you mean Jingle Bells"

You: "Nah, you know what I meant!"

Friend: "Hah?"...
by #everything'sfunny May 04, 2018

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Don’t care about something or ignore something
- I think she doesn’t love me anymore
- Divert to your balls bro, there are lots of hot girls out there that want to be with a guy like you
by Guybrush299 August 05, 2018

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