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Deez nuts
Suck charlegne
by Charlegne April 08, 2017

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When you have either spicy wing sauce or hot sauce on your hand and casually rub your balls, usually is extremely painful.
"Bro Ricky got a SICK case of Fuego Balls!"
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by Nighthelm June 04, 2018

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He is such a sean
by SEANSUCK May 02, 2018

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When someone tries to say "jingle bells", but accidentally makes it sexual...
You: "Hey, do you like the Christmas song Jangly Balls? "

Friend: "Oh, do you mean Jingle Bells"

You: "Nah, you know what I meant!"

Friend: "Hah?"...
by #everything'sfunny May 04, 2018

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A term referring to someone's tiny ballsack.
I will chop your little tic tac holder, your coin purse, your jelly bean pouch, your nutsack, whatever you call it, fucking off.
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by Bӧг3dGüӱ December 28, 2017

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The act of tightly grabbing your balls and squatting in an attempt to prevent ball-to-leg adhesion.
Yo! Bro! I need to either manspread or scrauche to get rid'da this itch!
by Squiddd December 22, 2017

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When you are so mad at your boyfriend that you have to cut his balls off.
I tied him to the bed and gave him a ballsectomy
by flowerboat March 10, 2017

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