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Sick sadistic bitch

Sadistic dominator
Very lewd
Dude:hey are you a tenebris?

Other Dude:Nah
by Two_Zero January 22, 2018
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The sacred church of Riley based around the state of giving zero shits
That minister is an aposal of Riley and a member of Rileyism
by Rileyism March 03, 2017
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The badest bitch you'll ever meet, she is rude and spreads rumor all over school will talk bad about you to your parents. If you find one you better run away fast.
Bella you bitch! Why u say that to my mom. Get away from me now!
by IzzyfrizzyIzz2605 October 18, 2017
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The sexyist person on earth earisteble and a Fukien badass
Lenny's a bad ass
by Zftevfd mk April 04, 2017
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A person which most call a "Complete Badass". Originally formed in Germany an Ireland, The fustons was a group that was raging alcoholics an always resorted to violance.
Your going to end up like a fuston.
by XxWolFusion December 19, 2016
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1 : When someone does something that roasts or makes fun of someone or something while not even trying to.

2 : When you do something so awesome that it is the only thing you can say.
Damn, you a savage the way you roasted that kid bro!!!!!!
via giphy
by BadAssBella December 11, 2016
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Eduin is an awsome trust worthy friend all though some times he might get you mad, he will stick around till the end.He is also very .
I wish i had an eduin.
by Totally random guy November 24, 2016
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