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the act of being a badass or a feat of intense savageness
dude when jaylen roasted ms. cook it was total badassery
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by savage mf November 18, 2016

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a person who you think is nice but makes sexual jokes and of course he has to be German but he loves big breasted girls and wants to either be a hit man or a nuclear physicists so yaaaaaaaay he also has a stache of pistol crossbows and knives and is not afraid to defend himself or his friends/family/pets
damn that guy is a full on Joshua with that crossbow
by joshjaxnkody March 07, 2017

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Eduin is an awsome trust worthy friend all though some times he might get you mad, he will stick around till the end.He is also very .
I wish i had an eduin.
by Totally random guy November 24, 2016

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bad ass family
dont fuck with the Willmeth family
by CrypticDiamond September 19, 2018

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Very loving and caring woman that will help at any time of the day. Can whip anyone's ass, can hold a gurg.
Kamekio is a badass mother fucker.
by Big A Jr June 14, 2018

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A complete bad ass person.
You are such a jabbi
by Shizahiggens May 23, 2018

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Chase Sparrow is the known as the bad ass of the street. He is thoughtful and merciful to all. Everyone strives to be him/her.
The party is at Chase Sparrow's house.
by TheBossMan101 October 09, 2017

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