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An awesome son of a bitch that gets all the pussy, loves dragon ball z and has a big fat cock.
Damn I wish Saul was fucking me right now.
by Swagman3210 June 26, 2016

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the act of being a badass or a feat of intense savageness
dude when jaylen roasted ms. cook it was total badassery
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by savage mf November 18, 2016

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a person who you think is nice but makes sexual jokes and of course he has to be German but he loves big breasted girls and wants to either be a hit man or a nuclear physicists so yaaaaaaaay he also has a stache of pistol crossbows and knives and is not afraid to defend himself or his friends/family/pets
damn that guy is a full on Joshua with that crossbow
by joshjaxnkody March 07, 2017

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bad ass family
dont fuck with the Willmeth family
by CrypticDiamond September 19, 2018

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they are badass people that absolutely hates miguels but they are sexy and cute and charming, they are serious and loyal when it comes to relationships dont tic them off tho ull get fcked up man
Hell yeah theres Jaicobe
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by AnonymousLovesSex March 06, 2018

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The kind of guy that takes no shit, nor attitude. He is somewhat tall and has a huge dick. He’ll fuck your bitch and your mom, don’t fuck with this badass!
Guy one: oh no Isherjyot is coming!
Isherjyot: I am the most badass motherfucker in the universe! Now time for me to kick your limp ass!
by Dirtdiggler17 January 14, 2018

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A guy who dunked on john and tony and then proceed to steal their job and ban them
guy 1: what just happened everything changed?
guy 2: the known happened
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by ButteredBeans October 12, 2018

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