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A bad bitch with a vibe you cant find no where else
I miss joy
by Sensusualvibes🌸 February 19, 2017

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meaning the opposite of miraculous.
my ice cream fell, that’s diraculous
by yeboiiiii June 05, 2018

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a cute girl who love everyone she a bad ass be careful and she crazy
kyihana is pretty
via giphy
by fdjfkjfds December 09, 2017

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Slang term in the UK, meaning 'bad'
Yeah., can't believe how cod that was!
by And. July 19, 2018

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a little bitch who fucks girls over and uses them who are completely down for him n only him
"Oh Luke he fucked over kacy damn that bitch fine as hell"

"Dat boy luke about dumb as hell to fuck over a girl who is down for him"
by Bebe11 July 05, 2017

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A trivia team in Central New York that is god awful.
The PattyWagon team has come in last place again!
by Nonamemini April 22, 2018

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Bad girl, hates everyone
You are so mean Elyza
by Dechsjashkjshd June 04, 2018

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