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Bacon youbkeep in the pocket to eat on long trips
"Hey do any of you have some bacon? I ate all my pocket bacon on the way here"
by Dearergoose October 10, 2017

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The main reason you are not a vegetarian
That bacon was so good I swear I could never be a vegetarian
by Jason da destroyer February 07, 2018

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"On Pinterest it has this screenshot saying the definition of bacon and I thought it was funny."
"K, what is it?"
"Bacon is the reason I'm not a vegetarian...."
"Nice. BTW, That joke is sooooo old."

the reason you're not vegetarian--------- bacon
via giphy
by MyNameDoesn'tHaveToBeKnown June 06, 2017

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1. A bacon flavored condom. With extra sour cream.

2. Moonshine loves being wrapped in bacon!

3. When the police place you in handcuffs.
1. Hey honey can you grab some bacon wraps from the store for tonight?

2. I'm moonshine duhh! Farm chickens!!!

3. Man I hate you pigs don't slap those bacon wraps on me!
by GuardianAngelMoonshine January 23, 2019

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