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An american with a twist. His eyes are sure to captivate, but his quiet demeanor will lead to this discovery. Coming off as mysterious, James will charm you with his smile. The contrast between his dark hair and light eyes cause the background, once scenic, to seem mundane and plain. His laughter and mannerisms deviate from the ordinary. He will attract the masses without any idea. He is far more interesting than he gives his humble self credit for. James is the man that most women wish for, but he is a bachelor that hopes to remain that way. Forever, he will tease the women he charms. Until he finds his other half, James will wander with a smile and the occasional frown.
Jensen: 'Did you see James the other day?'
Katherine: 'Yes. Unfortunately, I doubt he saw me.'
by Dankememes20 August 27, 2017

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