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A generally sweet and beautiful girl. Sohairs make great friends and moms Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, they can be total bitches, nawmean?? Sohairs are also known for not taking showers or shit from anyone. They live by their own rules, and then break those rules!!! Dang.
That girl is such a sohair. Watch out on Sundays!!
by TheRealNimaJoon November 18, 2017

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A hot ass bitch that i love but when she pisses me off i dick slap her
Liam- im a pedo imma rape your babygirl angeles
Salvador- hell no creep
by Ifuckedangelessilvaintheass April 20, 2018

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London is a fantastic she is really a babe if you meet a London you are lucky
I wish London was mine
by London/the name November 26, 2017

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