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The words that come out of a shy persons mouth after they say a word incorrectly. Or in a awkward situation
Kacey:im broke as fuck Cole:Thats Awkward
by ColeAkaColton July 21, 2018

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A term for a person that becomes extremely distraught in normal social interactions.
Austin was being a real "stino" while ordering pizza.
by BedWetter33 April 14, 2017

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When two people are standing facing each other, usually celebrating an event, and one goes in for a high five and the other goes in for a fist bump and their hands collide in a dissapointing way
"I was going in for a fist bump, and he thought we were going to high five, so we just kind of.... flumped. "
by ArmyInfantry11B September 17, 2016

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