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Wombunkuluss (Adj.) (Pronounced wom-buk-you-lus) means that the noun that you are describing is super awesome.
1 That Roller Coaster Was So Wombunkuluss!
2 Fords Are The Furthest Thing From Being Wombunkuluss.
3 Weekends Are More Wombunkuluss Than Weeks.
4 My Friend Is So Wombunkuluss!
by OsgoodMiner December 03, 2017
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Crazy, cute, fun, loud. Great smile. One of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. Talkative. Friendly, gets all the guys and is very popular. Has a very bright future and is very smart! She lights up your day!!!
I wish I was a Ren!!
by she miss her November 15, 2016
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The best freakin person respect him
Brianleite is awesom
via giphy
by Theonethat dont need a gun October 18, 2016
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Cali is amazing, gorgeous, funny girl that everyone will want to hangout with! she is a great friend to have as a best friend. she is amazing at sports and loves to hangout with all friends. probably the coolest person you'll ever meet
i was cali to be my best friend!

i love hanging out with cali
by hejka May 29, 2017
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she is beautiful and amazing, precious and gorgeous. Although sometimes she thinks about herself too much she is still the most amazing person you’ll ever meet she is so funny and makes you laugh constantly. Her beautiful dirty blonde hair falls perfectly. And her brown eyes will enhance you and make you fall under a spell.She is perfect!!!
“Kerigan is amazing”
by pellipst February 18, 2018
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A sweet ,caring person but if you get on their bad side you will regret it.They are very attractive and special.if you lose them you will regret it. You will easily be good friends with them
Do you know that boy..... yeah that's mathyas
by 11789 February 18, 2017
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to be an anev'e is the person is The best friend anyone could have. when there was born a rainbow bloomed in the sky and all the gods looked on them like one of there own. she will always be there for the Friends she loves. she is the definition of awesome.
man anev'e is truly the best friend i could ever have
by evantheballer123 December 22, 2016
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