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Ziare is know to be an football amazing football player who may like to hit people and act crazy but he is a nice caring person that will stick up for his friends no matter what. Even if it means roasting his teacher.
Boy 1: Ooouuu Ziare is cooking them up in the kitchen.
Boy 2: And how are you surprised by that.
by triniinnj January 17, 2017

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A man who looks so awesome in a way he do things lazily. However, always rejected by girls but a man's choice. Great looking great personality but very least favourite for a woman.
Man. That guy is so great I wonder if he have a girlfriend yet.

Nope. He always get rejected. But all the gays love him.

Oh man. I would love to. He's so Azehan.

Wtf dude.
by PoeticBax December 26, 2016

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An awesome girl with brown curly hair and sexy brown eyes. if you ever find one you would want to capture her with yo pok'eball never let her go after that.
Damn there's a wild aleiha!
by Claws_the_alpha_wolf39 April 04, 2018

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The coolest motherfucker you'll find on YouTube, now you also got to help him by subscribing.

Check his channel out type 'khanyio' into youtube search and you'll find his gaming channel with a wolf avatar.
you seen khanyio's videos ,he's awesome

That mofo is dank as shit.
via giphy
by Khanyio February 01, 2017

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the fucking legend
James: Is that a Boskovic?
Louie: Yeah, fucking legend
by death to jews February 22, 2017

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The best guy in town. He is loved by all and you don't want to get on his bad side. The name of your closest friend. Has many friends and is the hottest guy in school/town. He is the most attractive man on planet earth.
See that hot guy there , he is totally a Garrettson
by BOB JOHN SAMSIN May 17, 2017

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F***ing awesome, brilliant, or over the top
Me- Hey man today I out lifted the biggest guy in the gym!

Friend- Oh wow that’s dope
by Taco6969 February 22, 2018

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