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A girl who is silly, beautiful, outgoing, smart, loyal, and she is an athletic person. She is tomboy-like but she is also girly. She is on fleek when she catches on to the trends, and she has all the friends she needs. She doesn't brag yet there are people jealous of her
She is such a Garianna
by Topanga Matthews December 22, 2016

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someone who is very shit with relationships but is one of the coolest and nice people you will ever meet and he is also very strong and good at most things that he does, so if you have a Jardine in your life then you should keep him no matter what.
girl 1: wow Jardine is so bad at having a relationship.
girl 2: yeah but his an amazing friend.
by GODcreatorOFwords September 03, 2018

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Siren - An Awesome person that everybody loves, but nobody knows why.
She is not popular, but everybody still loves her, they just don't say.
Not noticed.
Damn! That girl Siren, Everybody likes her!
by ConnorZeDick April 18, 2018

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The best guy you'll ever meet he's athletic has brown hair and a flash shirt and a Tony hawk jacket.
(David m)"I'm not going unless David's there"
by definer 2651 January 30, 2017

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A person who is known to be the funniest most awesome best friends you could ever have. Shes the type who can brighten your day up as soon as she walks into the room. Funny and a cool/chill person, who wouldnt want her to leave your side. Also really attractive and shmexy,and really good with memes.
"Oh did you see Donna Michelle today?"
"No, but i heard that shes awesome!"
"Word my nigga, word."
by queen_of_fnaf_1987 February 16, 2018

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Something that is both extrodinary and awesome.
That 4d triple chocolate ice cream is extrodinawesome.
by Mosesk April 02, 2017

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The most amazing person/thing ever
JBE is the literal definition of pure awesomeness
by Ace3162000 August 10, 2016

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