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Dezhane is a colored name, can be used for a white or black race, a beautiful girl, funny and goofy, she is a amazing friend when needed and will stand up for you. She is tough and a Badass when needed, she won't take shit from nobody. She can always make your smile.
Dezhane made me laugh today!
She is suck a dezhane.
by Erika Stone January 06, 2017
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The coolest motherfucker you'll find on YouTube, now you also got to help him by subscribing.

Check his channel out type 'khanyio' into youtube search and you'll find his gaming channel with a wolf avatar.
you seen khanyio's videos ,he's awesome

That mofo is dank as shit.
via giphy
by Khanyio February 01, 2017
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A girl who’s awesome, cool, funny, pretty, and is smarter than you think. She is crazy and always happy, but don’t make her mad, because then she is worse than an angry lion.
Person 1: Do you know Tavishi?
Person 2: Not really, but I wish I did! I heard she’s super cool!
by Dat kewl purrsun February 07, 2018
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Magic Bitch
Aunax is awesome af.
by Aunax December 30, 2017
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The most skilled guy that could ever exist.
Dang dude! You're totally a Rimmasch!
by Labron JaMAES June 26, 2017
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The best type of person in the world.
What a redman!
by TollYo November 15, 2016
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Shenira is a very unique person that’s why the name is rarely given. She’s beautiful,bossy, and very intelligent she has no Control over her mouth or what comes out and she’s just a free spirited human
Oh that’s the girl shenira dude she’s a good time
by Nirajxo February 13, 2018
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