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A smartphone function which makes people write really stupid things.
And then she didn't understand why I wanted to duck her... Ducking autocarrot!
by 1CPL593h July 30, 2017

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Your drunk gf/bf tries to text 'I love you' but it autocorrects to 'I lava toe'
Me: I love you
Him: I lava toe
Me: wtf
by NaiTea December 23, 2017

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When you phone replaces your word with a random word in your text message.
Darn you automistake I meant fuck not duck
by keyserholiday October 06, 2017

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A phrase or word that is an autocorrect—and you catch it before sending the message—but is so awesome that you don't bother fixing it.
(In a text) >>

Melissa: "CrossFit is too effing hard. I think I'm gonna do Yoga to get Eric gently."

Tricia: "Uh...does your husband know about this Eric guy?"

Melissa: "Haha get STRONG* gently. That was autocorrexcellent."
by HammyGottaPee August 06, 2018

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An incomplete autocorrect of "ruined" using ru--ed with two incomplete letters.
"It had ru bed my sleeping schedule."
by Rae Styles November 23, 2016

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